A homage to the architect

A homage to the architect

As tributes go, the Eilert Smith Hotel, is profound.

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Not only is this a careful restoration of one of the first functinalist buildings in Stavanger, but it is also a homage to the architect’s character. The hotel feels kind, gentle and easy going. Very much in the style that Eilert Smith himself liked to entertain, creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

The building had modest beginnings – starting out as a farmers’ cooperative warehouse and farm equipment store.

Turning it into a boutique hotel was a crazy idea – to some. The building was run down, neglected and misused for decades. Underneath all the rubble and dust there was a beautiful bone structure. It took someone to recognise its value who was also in a position to invest in its restoration. Someone who could think long term and have a vision for what the hotel could contribute to the city. The Stensrud family took on the challenge and took it very seriously indeed.

While the building has been transformed to allow for all conceivable comforts of our day, it remains true to its functionalist heritage. The architect Pål Trodahl has made sure the new is beautifully integrated with the old, with careful thought to every detail. The technical solutions designed for the guests’ convenience are uncomplicated and just work.

While the large top suite is the epitome of the hotel’s philosophy, all the 12 rooms of various sizes capture it in their own unique way. Everywhere, you will recognise the lines of the hotel’s iconic Scandinavian furniture and fixtures, take pleasure in the uncompromising choices of fabrics and materials, and the way the light falls just so. You may find yourself captivated by cupboards where the tree rings on the doors perfectly mirror each other. Simple beauty is not easy. It requires perfection of materials as well as in execution. And it is rare. You’ll find it at Eilert Smith hotel.

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As you step onto the softly sloping marble landing that guides you to the hotel’s front door, you get the first intimations of what to expect when you enter.

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