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Expect adventures beyond the ordinary

A New Nordic Luxury destination is so much more than a place to stay when travelling. In fact, each destination is worth a journey in itself. While each of the New Nordic Luxury destinations offer one-of-a-kind experiences, all the members that qualify for this mark of exceptional quality have some things in common. At these destinations guests are greeted by people with a genuine passion for providing unique experiences beyond the ordinary. This is where dreams do come true.

New Nordic Luxury offer tailor-made experiences and Nordic adventures. Request here.

Guests may choose to relax in luxurious surroundings, or experience unfamiliar tastes and ingredients as well as the wildness of our nature, weather and winds. Our society is egalitarian and this group of travellers will enjoy the openness of locals willing to share their knowledge of culture, history, crafts and traditions in an atmosphere of jovial companionship. The result is a fairy tale adventure providing guests with stories to tell and tell again for years to come.

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Some nice moss on rock

The hotels in the New Nordic Luxury brand are members of De Historiske – Historic Hotels and Restaurants. Although the members of De Historiske each have their own distinctive characters, you will find that they have features in common: a warm welcome, good service, a friendly atmosphere and high quality in every respect. The quality standards that the group has in common ensure a generally high standard in the group, and our values of ”hospitable”, ”personal” and ”quality conscious” shall aid us in achieving our shared vision: we want visitors to find us ”a good place to be”.

Delicious meals and vintage wines, beautiful art and culture, design and decor based on deeply-rooted tradition and history, elegance, exciting tales, a romantic atmosphere and much more can be experienced without leaving the hotels. Golf, sleigh rides, ski trails, fjords, waterfalls, fishing, hunting, boating, mountain tops, museums, shopping, horse riding, walking tours and many other activities.