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Storfjord Hotel

A luxurious hideaway

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Storfjord is a small, family owned, lodge of a very special kind. It is a place to find calmness and feel grounded. A place where you can give yourself time to follow the birds in their flight as they go from forest to fjord, flying high and then low into the water below. Are they catching fish perhaps, or just delighting in their ability to dip and dive?

The lodge itself is like a friendly embrace – all the elements working together to create a sense of comfort and ease – the wood, the wool, the brass pipes, and the many fireplaces. The sensation is brought about through the sense of smell, of touch, of taste, in combination with its beautiful views of the fjord and the forest.

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The books on the shelves, in the lounges and in the rooms, are hand picked by the family. All together they make up a library to dip into at your leisure, to learn, enjoy and explore from the comfort of the softest furniture by the fire. Or lift your gaze from the page to look out and watch the weather rolling in over the horizon. On the North-western coast of Norway that could mean all four seasons in a day. You may also enjoy the occasional fishing vessel or cargo ship gliding by.

You slip into the rooms as you would a favourite robe. While numbered, each room is also named after a Norwegian forest animal – the lynx right next to the squirrel next to the deer. While very close to nature you can feel perfectly safe and comfortable.

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While very close to nature you can feel perfectly safe and comfortable.

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There’s a lot you can do if you’re looking to experience different aspects of the surrounding nature – some hikes are hard core, other trails are accessible to anyone – either way you will come across views that take your breath away. Some may want to visit nearby Geiranger, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. You have glaziers within reach, and there are opportunities to go up the mountains or on the water – kayaking or fishing. And if you like to stay close to the comfort of Storfjord, as many do, there are trees to climb, berries to pick and birds to watch right where you are.

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Hotel manager Benthe Langeland and her staff are attentive and always within reach, should you need anything at all or to answer questions. You will find they have time to share stories, striking that perfect balance between personal and professional. Don’t be surprised if you leave Storfjord having made friends for life. The sense of community found here is perhaps one of the reasons why so many who visit come back again and again.

The culture of Storfjord is part Norwegian in the sense that it is an egalitarian place where people make a good living and lead good lives. It is also however very much in line with the Flakk-family’s values. Sustainability is a premise and underpins all choices made for the hotel’s operations. The same goes for making sure the hotel and its guests are a net benefit to the local community, both its people, the animals and surrounding nature.

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The food at Storfjord is generous and local. Suppliers are more than happy to receive a visit. If you want to learn how to make some of the local dishes, you certainly can and should. Storfjord may be off the beaten track, but no matter how long your journey, the lefse (a traditional soft and sweet Norwegian flatbread) served with a brown cheese, cream and honey mix is worth the trip in and of itself.

There are local suppliers of cheese, jams, berries, mushrooms, dairy, fish, and game. Deer in the autumn hunting season, cod from the icy January waters, apples, plums, blueberries - whatever is best varies with the season and that is what you will find prepared by Ingeborg Valde and her team in the kitchen.

While the cuisine is Norwegian, the techniques of the kitchen are international. In short, the kitchen serves comfort food based on local produce. The onion soup may feel French, but the onions and the cheese are from just down the road, and the herbs from the hothouse outside the kitchen.

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Homemade cookies and biscuits are available all the time because some people prefer their sweets between lunch and dinner, while others crave a midnight snack. They are there for you, and they are delicious. As you dig in you may or may not notice a soundtrack in the background. It is subtle to the extent that you only notice the music when your favourite 80s ballad comes on and you find yourself wondering along with the Bee Gees - How deep is your love?

The answer at this point will probably be, pretty deep indeed.

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