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Lysebu Hotel

In a clearing, in the forest, very close to but elevated above the hustle and bustle of the city, you will find Lysebu – a boutique hotel rich in history.

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Once upon a time, a ship owner family built Lysebu as a holiday home for winter sports and summer hikes, forever setting a tone of play and love of nature.

Half a century later, Lysebu was presented as national gift to thank the organisation that sent food from the people of Denmark to starving children of occupied Norway throughout the war. The legacy of this gesture of gratitude is strong in the Lysebu culture. As is the profound appreciation of the value of a really good meal.

The buildings, inspired by traditional country houses and building techniques, were originally created by Magnus Poulsson as an interpretation of the Norwegian fairy tale. Within, you will find the simplicity of lines and light characteristic of Nordic interiors. The space is calm and open. Boundaries between inside and outside are blurred by the integration of forest elements with the delicate interiors.

The legacy of this gesture of gratitude is strong in the Lysebu culture. As is the profound appreciation of the value of a really good meal.

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A cool colour palate is contrasted with the warmth of the Lysebu people. Expect to feel welcomed as if the hotel was still a private home, and as if you were the family’s favourite guest. This non-profit organisation has no other goal than to make your experience an absolute delight.

There are as many ways to explore the forest as there are people.

The concierge has roamed the woods around Lysebu since childhood and knows all there is to know about the surrounding areas, both close by and further afield. His entire team takes pride in understanding each guest’s wishes and tailoring an adventure to fit, in recognition that we want and need different things from our interactions with nature. Contemplative and mindful or mind-blowingly exhausting are equally attainable with Lysebu as a starting point.

The natural surroundings is the perfect backdrop for contemporary art. All around the hotel, and within its suites, you will discover unique pieces on loan from Henie Onstad Art Center. Exhibited at Lysebu is primarily Norwegian and some Danish art to highlight the enduring connection between the countries.

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