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A personalised pause

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Åmot is the essence of Fjord Norway. Traditional country living and subtle elegance combine in natural and authentic ways. Surrounded by luscious pastures and towering peaks, Åmot is embraced by the light and the wind, the water and the forest. Here, every stylish room has its own unique charm, every cosy corner its own character, and all come together to create a bouquet of unforgettable experiences.

To stay at Åmot is to step into a painting of calm. A breathing space. A perfect pause. A time to reflect, to revitalise, and to rediscover the finer things in life.

Situated at the end of the stunning Sunnfjord, Åmot is a homage to the past, a retreat in the present. In this tranquil landscape, unchanged down through the centuries, life has always moved at a slower pace. Scented flower gardens and roaring waterfalls, the sparkling waters of the fjord and the deep mysteries of the forest, all this richness provides the perfect backdrop for your Åmot experience.

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A secluded country homestead, Åmot combines luxurious hospitality with exclusive access to a superb range of authentic experiences. Relax into the storybook embrace of ageless comfort, where welcoming and exuberant rooms are brought to life with quirky original heirlooms and confident colourful décor.

And beyond the fairy tale charm of the farm, in the spellbinding landscape of the fjords, you can choose from an extraordinary range of exclusive experiences – all along a spectrum of delight from enchanting to exhilarating. From local farm visits to guided kayaking, from cultural trips to glacier hiking, or from salmon fishing to helicopter sightseeing, the choice is all yours.

Owned by Steinar Sørli and Yngve Brakstad, the Åmot Estate has been in Steinar’s family since 1885, when it was built by his great-grandfather, Søren. Subsequently loved and cared for by five generations of the Sørli family, the Åmot homestead and its surrounding land stands today as testament to Søren’s vision. For many years, Åmot was at the heart of family life, but also deeply rooted in the local culture.

The land was worked, livestock reared, and a rich harvest of seasonal produce sustained the community. It was a farming culture defined by tradition and compassion and held together by the bonds of friendship and craftmanship. A special place far beyond the familiar – and that can still be seen and felt today.

At Åmot, your hosts bring together the wider community to ensure that your experience is one that will live long in the memory. Every minute of every day here is simply special. Combining an exclusive retreat with authentic experiences, and delicious local produce with heart-warming personal discovery, Åmot gives you the time and the space to begin a new chapter in your own story.

To visit Åmot is to rediscover the healing balm of the countryside. You will appreciate a warm welcome from a timeless Norwegian community, as you slow down to enjoy the measured pace of rural farm life. As your hosts, Åmot´s family of farmers and fishermen, chefs and musicians, artists and storytellers, will be happy to share their experiences with you.

Åmot 6

From your dining table to the rich landscapes beyond the estate, you will learn how life in the fjord lands is built around the joys of relaxation and discovery.

Åmot 8

The name Åmot means ‘where the two rivers meet’, and here at the confluence you will re-experience the joy of freedom and nature coming together. Revitalised by the healthy and harmonious energy of the natural world, you will sense how land and water combine to provide a sanctuary for visitors and wildlife alike. Wonderfully diverse, from riverside to mountain-top, you’ll appreciate how the untamed lands of Sunnfjord wrap the homestead and surrounding farmlands in their glorious Nordic embrace.

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