The Engø kitchen

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Farm to table is more than a trend at Engø. It’s a way of life. The farm is not self sufficient, but makes use of what it produces – vegetables, herbs, berries and honey. The rest is sourced as locally and organically as possible; asparagus from nearby Vasser, oysters from Nøtterøy and all kinds of seafood from local fishing boats. The kitchen is a place of exploration and experimentation. Only when the chef is satisfied that something is truly special, is the dish placed in front of guests.

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Every meal, from the hearty breakfast to Engø’s fine dining experience, is a celebration of local flavours, textures and preservation techniques. You may enjoy your meal with the best wines from the well-stocked cellar, or perhaps choose some local beverage.

Meals are served in the old barn, carefully restored to maintain its rustic heritage while providing all the comforts of modern life.