Expanding culinary horizons

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In his very own version of new Nordic cuisine, Chef Christian Vangen’s kitchen makes use of local produce and seafood from, say, nearby Hitra or Sotra. Keeping in mind that Bergen is an international trading town some foods from further afield, such as lemons, also make their way into the kitchen. Here you might just as easily discover Japanese as French techniques in combination with reinterpretations of rustic Nordic recipes and preservation methods.

The opportunity to dine at Bare is also an opportunity to expand your culinary horizon. Boundaries are pushed, conventions flouted, new combinations find their delicate balance - all with the aim of serving up no less than the best meal you have ever had, a level of ambition completely in tune with the tone of the building itself and of which the merchants who imagined it would have approved.

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The artfully restored bar was originally available only to directors in the city’s chamber of commerce. It is, however, too beautiful to be hidden away for the pleasure of a handful of people. Respectfully restoring original details, and keeping the exclusive ambience, the bar was designed to feel like a contemporary, more inclusive version of a traditional gentleman’s club. And so it was, that with the opening of Bergen Børs hotel, this gem of a room was revealed to the city of Bergen and indeed, to the world.

While the bar, like the hotel itself is new, the bar manager appears to have presided over the room always, exerting the kind of timeless confidence and comfort borne of competence. According to the bar manger, the room itself is the star of the bar, but having met him you will know this is not true.

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