Bergen - Norway

Bergen Børs

Fashionably urban, by the mountains and the sea
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Right in the middle of the city of Bergen, a stone’s throw from the harbour and a mere stroll from its surrounding forests and mountains – this is where you find Bergen Børs hotel.

The magnificent building was originally a stock exchange. From its very beginning in 1862, when the aim was to raise the finest building on the finest property, it has been a signal of ambition, exclusivity and gentility.

The building does not shout, but has a dignified presence. Its entrance just slightly removed from and unseen by people headed along the harbour, across the fish market towards the famous wooden houses of Bryggen wharf.

Once inside, expect to be greeted like an old friend. The people of Bergen are famously jovial and spirited, and the people of Bergen Børs particularly so. They take pride in their city, and want to share favourite spots and stories. Bergen Børs reception is keenly attuned to guests’ needs and wishes, making recommendations personal and bespoke. Directions to Trekroneren, the best hot dog stand in the world? An open air screening of a favourite film? Perhaps an intimate concert? Or the record store/bar someone has read about and wonders whether might be a good place to meet locals?

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Camilla Thun - Hotel Manager Camilla Thun - Hotel Manager

When getting to know a guest, learning what it is they really hope to experience while travelling, everything else can wait. Camilla Thun herself, the young exuberant hotel manager, is the personification of this attitude. Each guest encounter is like a brief but treasured friendship.

To be fair, most of the visitors to Bergen come for the fjords and the surrounding mountains. And no wonder. The fjords, carved out by millennia of glacier ice slowly grinding its way towards the sea, are a spectacular sight that gives perspective on many levels. How is it that something so vast and magnificent is nevertheless so fragile? We now know that what it has taken nature eons to craft, can be quickly destroyed unless we take care. Take a boat out, or go up the mountains, and relish in the fullness of existing in nature.

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In the hotel’s fine dining restaurant Bare, the wild is brought in to the kitchen for a culinary experience like no other. Adjacent to the restaurant you will find the bar, a luxurious space where the old and new co-exist in perfect balance.

After enjoying a cocktail or so, perhaps tired from exploring in the nearby forests or with salty hair from the sea, you may retire to a room that was previously a banker’s office, vault and all.

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